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Witness the Power of the New Explosive Rifle - Part of the Red Dead Redemption: Liars and Cheats Pack

As anybody that watched the Liars and Cheats Pack trailer can testify to, the Explosive Rifle does exactly what's advertised - It obliterates any enemy in its path in one powerful shot, with the force of its blast even knocking down nearby enemies in the process. The Explosive Rifle is so destructive, that in order to balance the sheer power of the weapon, it comes with limited ammunition and no-lock ability - so you'll need to choose your targets wisely.

Unleashing utter devastation on an unsuspecting gang member.

In Multiplayer Free Roam, the Explosive Rifle is earned after completing any of the new Gang Hideouts with the highest score. It can then be picked up from weapons crates. There are no additional ammo pickups for the Explosive Rifle though, and if a player holding an Explosive Rifle dies in Free Roam, then the weapon is lost.

The new Stronghold Competitive Multiplayer mode, part of the Liars and Cheats Pack as well, allows players to obtain the Explosive Rifle by cracking safes on certain maps. Unlike in Free Roam however, if a player dies while carrying the Explosive Rifle, other players can retrieve it in these matches.

Vultures swooping in, but there won't be much left for them to feed on.

In single player, the Explosive Rifle is available for purchase from the gunsmith in Blackwater, and has a series of challenges to complete that will also earn you the 'Master Exploder' Achievement/Trophy.

Witness for yourself the firepower of this truly awe-inspiring armament, with a few brand new exclusive screenshots below, including a before-and-after treatment that illustrates how one of Marston's enemies meets his untimely end at the hands of the Explosive Rifle (these screens are age gated and Flash is required).



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