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Rockstar Games have received a ton of fan inquiries regarding the powerful music heard in the recent official trailer for Max Payne 3. Rockstar are proud to reveal the artists responsible. Los Angeles-based rock band HEALTH are currently in the process of composing for both the score and soundtrack to the game, as revealed on music website today.

"Video games are redefining entertainment and whether people like it or not, they are becoming as culturally relevant as films,” said the band's Jake Duzsik. "We feel that Rockstar’s projects have an undeniably raw and tasteful aesthetic. It's vitally important to us that we be involved in things we respect artistically. Max Payne 3 has a complex story that unfolds mercilessly and we are excited to be a part of it." 

HEALTH's distinctive style perfectly suits Max's dark story, and the band went to great lengths to ensure that unique sounds and motifs were used to represent each specific locale featured in the game. In addition to composing the dynamic in-game score, HEALTH is creating exclusive songs for the game’s forthcoming soundtrack (which you can get as part of the Special Edition package). 

Look for announcements of more soundtrack details - including contributions from some of Brazil's own, and behind the scenes information about the music's creation.

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