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In addition to the pre-order exclusive bonus offers previously announced for GameStop and Best Buy in North America, today Rockstar Games have presented a range of Max Payne 3 pre-order bonus offers those in Europe and Australia who pre-order Max Payne 3 at various retailers. Stay tuned for further updates as well.

The previously announced early access to the Cemetery Multiplayer Map that's available to anyone who pre-orders Max Payne 3 from GameStop in North America will also be attainable via pre-order from the following international retailers:

UK: Game | AU: EB Games | DE: GameStop | ES: GameStop | FR: Micromania
The Silent Killer Multiplayer Loadout Pack includes three unique elements to customize your loadout in Max Payne 3 Multiplayer – the devastatingly destructive Light Anti-Tank Weapon, the Slippery Character Burst to quickly escape a deadly firefight, and the Listening Device Item that amplifies player hearing so you can hear enemies approaching you from a greater distance. Stay tuned for details on where you can pre-order and obtain this in North America - those of you in select European countries and Australia can secure this pack from the retailers listed below:
UK: Tesco | AU: GAME | DE: Amazon | ES: Fnac | FR: FNAC | BE: GameMania
Pre-order Max Payne 3 from Best Buy in North America and you'll receive a code that allows you to get the game's first paid Multiplayer DLC Pack for free. Stay tuned for further details on this Multiplayer DLC Pack soon, and if you're in Australia or any of the European countries listed below, you'll also be able to acquire this Multiplayer DLC Pack for free from the following retailers:

UK: Play | AU: EB Games | AT: GamesOnly | CH: WOG | ES: GAME  | FR: GAME | NL: BartSmit


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