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Rockstar Games sat with GamesRadar this week to discuss details on Max's deadly and destructive arsenal of weapons in Max Payne 3, covering insights into weapon design, dual-wielding and other aspects of the game's arsenal. Here's a taste:

"We looked at a lot of Brazilian-manufactured guns as inspiration for the game. We noticed certain weapons showing up in photos time and again during our research of the city and its various factions. Both the drug trade and police force in Brazil have specific preferences for shotguns and assault rifles to a point where those weapons have become wholly associated with their respective factions. This information helped us make some small tweaks to Max’s classic arsenal, and players will notice some subtle differences in the weapons Max has access to from the original games.  With that in mind, we made sure to include some classic Max favorites from the original games, such as the sawed-off shotgun and fully automatic SMGs."

Check out the full article, which includes new screenshots at:

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