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Work For RockstarGaming!

Want to work for a Rockstar Games fansite? Well, now is your chance! We are offering an undisclosed number of positions on this website. We are looking for content writers as well as news posters so if you are interested in volunteering; send us an email to by going to our contact page.

RockstarGaming is part of the GTA-NeXt Network of websites, which means you will have the support of not only Rockstar Gaming, but the rest of the network also. RockstarGaming is also a fast growing Rockstar Games related fansite, with a growing number of visitors increasing by the month. You will also have UNLIMITED disk space to work with in regards to uploading images and such.

News Posters
You will be responsible for the writing of news posts on the website relating exclusively to Rockstar Games (minus the Grand Theft Auto series). To apply for this job, you must have good grammar and good spelling skills and you must be able to write proper sentences. Getting the job of News Poster will mean that you are the face of RockstarGaming as everybody will see these posts, so we obviously want people who are suitable for the job. News Posters will also double as Content Editors. To apply for this position, you must have at least some time on your hands to be able to edit content on the website and post news.

Content Editors
You will be responsible for the writing (but not creation), updating and editing of the actual content pages on the website. This option is suitable for those with not so much time on their hands but still want to get a taste in writing content for the website--if you have the time though, it is highly recommended that you apply for the News Posters position as you get more to do. To get a Content Editor position, you must have good grammar and at least plausible-good spelling skills as well as be able to write structured paragraphs and sentences.

So, if you are interested in any of the above positions; send us an email to with "[RockstarGaming]: Jobs" as the message subject (we will not consider those who didn't put that as the exact title, without quotes) of the email.

In the email body, please include details of the following (copy and paste and answer as appropriate):
Name (Real name):
Age (please be honest):
Preferred username (this is the alias that you will be known as here at RockstarGaming):
Why should you be chosen as News Poster/Content Editor (give as much detail as possible, past experiences, etc):
Any other details (anything else you think we should know?):

It is also worth noting that these positions are purely volunteer positions and that we cannot at this time offer any payment to our writers.

We hope you choose to work with us!
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