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Welcome to the new, improved RockstarGaming!

Welcome to the new home of RockstarGaming! Your one-stop site for all Rockstar Games related news! Expect to see continued coverage on the upcoming Red Dead Redemption as well as L.A. Noire and Agent as more information is released about these two games.

We will also be providing many content pages covering past, current and upcoming Rockstar Games through the new website. All Grand Theft Auto related content will eventually be made available over the GTA-NeXt Network, who is our new parent website covering everything GTA related. Even though RockstarGaming is owned by the GTA-NeXt Network, we will retain at least some level of independence for the foreseeable future, the time will come when we will have to completely merge our content writing team into the GTA-NeXt Network team, but for the time being; the GTA-NeXt Network team will be assisting with the coding and laying out of/developing this website and that will be it. All content will be written by the original RockstarGaming team, for RockstarGaming.

We trust that you will enjoy the new website!

- Matt.
RockstarGaming Team.
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