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Weaponry & People of the West - RDR Features

Rockstar Games have recently updated the 'Features' section of the official Red Dead Redemption website. The update was in regard to the weaponary and the people of the west. This post will also be included with some brand new screenshots for the game!


By the early years of the 20th century, change was coming fast to America – and nothing brought change faster than the rapid evolution of weapons technology.  From hand-packed muskets to repeater rifles, from single shot pistols to the iconic revolver and the terrifying early machine guns that forever changed the face of war – these are John Marston’s tools, and the weapons of Red Dead Redemption.

People of the West

The American frontier and its promise of freedom attracted people of all kinds: entrepreneurs and outlaws, priests and prostitutes, dreamers and conmen.  Some made a home for themselves on the land, some found wealth at the end of a mineshaft, and others died penniless and friendless, or at the end of a gun.

Click here to meet just a few of the friends and foes that you, as John Marston, will meet across the frontier.  Stay tuned for more updates, including more characters from the world of Red Dead Redemption, as well as additional game features

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