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The Technology Behind Red Dead Redemption's Digital Steeds

Here is an interview from Gamespot with Rockstar San Diego art directer, Josh Bass, which is in regards to the technology used to create the horses in Red Dead Redemption. It is a real in-depth analysis in regards to how they made them "life like" and such.


Gamespot AU: How about animation? Did you actually mo-cap a real horse?

Josh Bass: Yes we did, and it turned out to be an adventure of its own. The horse we used was a long-time Hollywood ‘stunt horse’ named Blanco. His owner was a proper old-time cowboy, and we were assured that Blanco had seen far more studio time than any of the staff on the shoot. It showed in the end results--Blanco turned out to be the consummate professional and skillfully performed every move necessary in order to get the shots and moves we needed. Blanco didn’t have to ride a treadmill, but we did have to glue positioning markers all over him in order to capture the movements correctly, which was definitely an unusual sight.

Check it out by clicking this link.

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