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The Legends and Killers of Red Dead Revolver: Part Two

A couple of days ago, Rockstar Games profiled 4 of the 8 multiplayer characters that are to be featured in the Red Dead Redemption: Legends and Killers DLC. Now here are the other 4 characters.

Buffalo Soldier
A soldier in the U.S. Army, Buffalo was captured by the ruthless Mexican General Javier Diego and forced to work in the gold mine at Bear Mountain.  In Red Dead Revolver, he meets Red Harlow after Red is also captured by Diego, and together they both escape with the help of Shadow Wolf.

Shadow Wolf
An Indian scout and member of the Red Wolf Tribe, Shadow Wolf is also Red Harlow's cousin, and like Red, must face his own challenges in the Wild West and either find his place amongst his tribe, or outside it.

Ugly Chris
Not much is known about the leader of the Ugly Gang.  One of the most ruthless men in the West, his gang is known to invade towns with weak lawmen and plunder whatever is of value.

Pig Josh
A rotund demolition expert with more than a few swine-like traits, Pig Josh enjoys traveling from town to town along with his "troupe", demonstrating his talents with dynamite.

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