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The Legends and Killers of Red Dead Revolver: Part One

Rockstar Games have released details on some of the characters that will be featured in the Legends & Killers pack - some of which are Red Dead Revolver's most memorable personalities.

Red Harlow
With his family slaughtered by bandits and left for dead when he was a young boy, Red Harlow now prowls the open frontier as a bounty hunter, bringing justice to wicked bandits, while desperate to unravel the identity of his family's killers.

Jack Swift
Jack Swift is an English gentleman and trick shooting ace who heads out West to join the circus as a sharpshooter, with his dual revolvers "The Showstoppers" in tow.

Mr. Kelley
The 3-time champion of the annual Brimstone Battle Royale dueling competition, the well-dressed Mr. Kelley is known throughout Brimstone for his prowess both at the poker table and with a six shooter.

Annie Stoakes
In the rugged Western frontier, staking your claim means being prepared for more than just hard work.  Cattle rancher Annie Stoakes knows this, which is why in addition to working a small plot of land outside of Brimstone, she's a crack shot with "Faith" - her affectionately named repeater rifle.

Check back tomorrow for when details on the other four characters will be released.
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