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The 9 New Multiplayer Map Locations in the Red Dead Redemption Legends and Killers Pack

The Red Dead Redemption Legends and Killers Pack of DLC coming to Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network tomorrow features 9 unique new Multiplayer Map Locations spread across the vast open world of Red Dead Redemption's Multiplayer. 

Each new map location has been updated and tailored specifically to enhance multiplayer combat.  These new locations, along with added game modes for certain existing maps, provide over 30 new and unique multiplayer gameplay variations.  Read on for an in-depth look at each of the new locations - including some of the strategic gameplay each provides.

Tall Trees
Modes Available: Hold Your Own
The snowy highlands of Tall Trees create an awesome backdrop for epic Hold Your Own matches.  Because of the vast expanse of this map, you’ll probably have most success on horseback.  This map is all about coordinated tactics, go in single-handed and expect to be taken down very quickly.

Thieves' Landing
Modes Available: Gang Shootout, Gold Rush, Grab The Bag, Hold Your Own, Shootout
Under a constant river fog, the dark and ominous town of Thieves Landing provides lots of crossfire opportunities with its unique combination of cover and open space.  Look for the buildings you can climb up on, but be careful of the surrounding water.  With only a couple of bridges connecting the various areas of this map, players need to be extra vigilant in Thieves Landing because someone will always be ready to take you down.

Fort Mercer
Modes Available: Gang Shootout, Gold Rush, Grab The Bag, Shootout
Bill Williamson’s last known whereabouts in New Austin, Fort Mercer offers a close quarters paradise, with the occasional guard tower sniping from above.  Players can use the various corridors to their advantage and use their weapons strategically.  If you are in a narrow space, your shotgun can be a useful tool or if you’re perched on a high building with distance to play with, then your rifle may be your best bet.

Manzanita Post
Modes Available: Grab the Bag, Hold Your Own
The road through Manzanita Post is the quickest way to the other team’s base but also the most exposed.  The forest in the eastern half of the map provides a less exposed alternate route and also features some conveniently placed gatling guns for added firepower along the way.  Utilize the watchtowers and the ridge located in the west segment of the map for an elevation advantage to provide cover for your teammates and prevent the opposition from stealing your team’s bag.

Modes Available: Gang Shootout, Gold Rush, Grab The Bag, Hold Your Own, Shootout
While modern settlements like Blackwater accelerated the demise of the old west, their purpose-built block-like design serves up an awesome location for all the multiplayer modes, with tons of cover, sniping perches and choke points throughout.  With rooftops, narrow allies, and long streets lined with storefronts, Blackwater adds intense urban combat to the world of Red Dead multiplayer.

Punto Orgullo
Modes Available: Hold Your Own
Bases are located at each end of Sidewinder Gulch and knowledge of the mazelike gorges that run through the center of this map is key to forming a cohesive assault on the opposing team's base.  You can get to the other side of the map by the main road, but are left vulnerable to incoming fire due to its open nature and lack of cover.  Whistle for a horse to gain a speed advantage and use a mounted effort of road and ravines to quickly get into the other base to grab the bag and escape back to your base.  The elevated hilltops located at the north of the map give players an added sight advantage.

Modes Available: Gang Shootout, Shootout
The town of Escalera is defined by various elevation changes.  Controlling the villa watchtowers in the northern section of the map will give players the best vantage points to pick off opposing players.  A sniper rifle is located at the Market on the lowest level to aid in getting players off of the watchtowers.  Utilize interiors and cover while minimizing time spent in open areas vulnerable to fire from upper levels of the map.

Hennigan’s Stead
Modes Available: Grab the Bag, Hold Your Own
Teamwork is of utmost importance due to the open nature of this map.  The trees provide some helpful cover as your team makes their way across the vast plains to the other base.  Horses will prove useful so whistle for one and work together to time your assault while leaving a couple players behind to protect your bag.  Use the deadly new Tomahawk weapon in close quarters battles to help complete new Challenges.

Rio Bravo
Modes Available: Gang Shootout, Gold Rush, Grab The Bag, Shootout
The mountainous Rio Bravo area lies between Tumbleweed and Fort Mercer.  The numerous winding narrow pathways between the foothills, and the intentionally restricted choice of weapons make matches fought here extremely tense, nerve-wracking experiences.  Because opponent blips only appear on your mini-map when people fire their weapons or sprint, you’ll find people can jump out at you at any point, so look out for Tomahawk stealth kills.

Additionally, three of the original Multiplayer Map Locations in Red Dead Redemption will be getting additional game modes as part of the Legends and Killers Pack.

Diez Coronas: Grab The Bag
Pacific Union Railroad Camp: Gang Shootout, Shootout
Tumbleweed: Gold Rush, Hold Your Own

Look for the Legends and Killers Pack download to pop up on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network starting tonight at midnight Eastern time.
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