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Rockstar Games Tips: Dueling like a Pro in Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar recently posted some more advice for Red Dead Redemption on their newswire website:

The world of Red Dead Redemption is inhabited by a large cast of characters, all living out their lives as John Marston makes his way across the land.  One characteristic of the townspeople in the game is jealousy...

While becoming famous has perks like shopkeepers giving you discounts and people greeting you by name, it'll also attract attention from gunfighters looking to make a name for themselves.  The more famous you are, the more likely you are to be challenged.

After gaining enough fame, walk around town such as Armadillo in the daytime and chances are, a wannabe gunslinger will challenge you.  Once someone does and you've accepted, you'll have the option to review the duelling tutorial text.  Here are a few steps for coming out on top in a duel:

1. After accepting a duel, the word "DRAW" appears and two meters are displayed on the right side of the HUD.  John's meter is blue and the red meter belongs to your enemy.  Fill up John's meter before your enemy and you'll win.

2. Draw your weapon by either flicking up then down on the Right Analogue Stick or by pressing the Left Trigger/L2.

3. Place your shots carefully and quickly using RB/R1, but watch the cross-hair.  It will change colors back and forth, red and white.  Depending on where you aim, white will fill John's meter more than red.  Aiming for the gun hand or the top part of the enemy's head when the aiming reticule is white will fill John's meter faster than anything else.

Additionally, here are some tips and tricks if you want to take your duelling a step further:

  • If you want to force a duel, put on the Elegant Suit that John receives after the first few missions and then get caught cheating in a poker game. 
  • If you want to gain 100 Fame as well as some Honour, disarm your enemy by shooting the gun out of his hand using Dead-Eye.  (Do note that some duels that take place during story missions have enemies that cannot be disarmed)
  • Shoot for the gun first and the hat second - embarrassing your enemy in a duel is always good fun.

If you've got any of your own duelling tips or tricks you feel like sharing, give a shout in comments below - and look for more Red Dead tips here in the coming weeks...

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