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Rockstar Games Answers -- Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer, DLC, Hunting and More

Rockstar Games have been answering the queries left by Red Dead Redemption fans, this time in regards to the DLC, multiplayer and more! Here is the question and answer list:

"Can I get confirmation that a fix is coming 4 the Mo Van Barr issue? Hope it's soon or I'm gonna finish the game b4 i get him” received via Twitter
"Am still suffering Connection issues…” - 9907563
"I’m also getting some problems while in single player where it locks up once in awhile?” received via Mouthoff

First off, for anyone experiencing these or any other issues - thank you not only for your patience as we work through them but for your great help in reporting them to us.  As hopefully you can appreciate, with a game as vast as Red Dead Redemption and with such wide open online multiplayer, there are unfortunately a few things that only really rear their heads once the game is on public servers and lots of players are online.

We are right now working round the clock on a title update for both Xbox 360 and PS3 that will address the main persisting issues, including the ones above.  We’re aiming to have this ready and live for download within the next few days.  We thank you for your patience.

We also wanted to let everyone know that we’ve beefed up our Support to be better than ever in order to try and help you guys with any isolated issues that may come up. 
There’s a robust Red Dead Redemption FAQ at our official Support site – you can see Popular Support Topics at
We have also established a dedicated Support email address just for Red Dead Redemption which you can reach at
And just in the past day, we’ve launched a Rockstar Support Twitter feed where our staff can help you with any issues in 140 characters or less:
Thanks again everyone for holding tight and bearing with us as we work through this stuff as quickly as we possibly can.

"My Red Dead Redemption code for the Deadly Assassin outfit is not working! Every time it says "Failed to connect to R* Code unlock server. Please try again later." Help?”received via Mouthoff

Apologies to anyone who was having trouble redeeming their downloadable outfit codes or any other pre-order bonus content.  This was just a case of the servers being outright pounded with download demand – and has since been alleviated.  Please do give it another go.  There’s some detailed support help for this one at our support site at the following links: and  If you’re still experiencing any issues, please hit up our Support email address or Twitter feed above and we’ll be glad to help you through it.

"What exactly is this John Hillcoat short film of Red Dead? is it a prequel?”received via Mouthoff

No. A Short Film Made From Red Dead Redemption is not a prequel – instead, director John Hillcoat was given free reign to use the world of Red Dead Redemption as his own personal film studio, manipulating characters, animals, sound and weather to create his own personal vision of the first chapter of Marston's story – his quest to capture Bill Williamson. By capturing gameplay footage and editing cutscenes, Hillcoat and editor Barry Alexander Brown were able to create a unique short film that deals with one specific slice of the game's story. (Confession - there are about two or three lines of dialogue we re-recorded for the piece, and a couple where we had to remove bad language. Otherwise it is 100% from the game.)

"I just love this game it’s one of my favorite of all time. But I was noticing when I was looking around I saw an American flag with 50 stars on it. I’m pretty sure that all the 50 states weren't recognized yet.” received via Mouthoff

We doubled back and had another look after seeing this one – as you may know, we try to be sticklers for authenticity - although of course we make mistakes.  After counting and re-counting, the flag in the game indeed has the correct 46 stars that it would have during the time period – before the statehood of New Mexico (1912), Arizona (1912), Alaska (1959) and Hawaii (1959).

"Please add more things to do for CO OP Free roam. Missions etc. Will pay for DLC or co op pack.” received via Twitter

We’ve announced the Outlaws to the End (free) Co-Op DLC Pack, which you should expect sometime in June.  We’ll have more details on that pack specifically very soon. Look for some screens unveiling one of the other missions in that pack very soon.  But also know that there will definitely be more DLC packs to follow, later this summer and into the fall.  Some exciting things are planned – we’ll be announcing info including release time frames and pricing on those in the coming months.

"Where exactly are the hunting challenges in free roam?” received via Twitter

Hunting challenges are seamlessly incorporated into the Free Roam online experience – in other words, all you have to do to trigger them is kill an animal.  You must be leveled up to at least level 2 in Multiplayer (which is pretty easy to accomplish) and then kill a deer, coyote, wolf, cougar or elk in Free Roam to unlock the Hunter 1 Challenges.  You will then see on-screen messaging directing you into the Challenge.  Note that there are also Hunter 2 Challenges that unlock at level 12.

"Great game but some of us gamers would really enjoy the option to play expert aim only freeroam.” received via Twitter
"Any plans to add a hardcore free roam? i think a lot of people would like that”received via Twitter

Free Roam has been designed to serve as a wide open lobby experience with as few restrictions as possible so people could play they way they were used to in single player (be it casual, normal, or expert targeting).  That said, we always listen to feedback from our players and may be including this in a future update.  If it does happen, please be advised it may take a while to create, code, properly test and implement – so may not be something you see until later this summer but we are looking into it and figuring out if we can make it happen.  In the meantime, our best advice if you’re looking for an Expert-Aim-only Free Roam experience is to start a private session with likeminded friends and other players posseing up at Red Dead fan boards and sites like the ones listed here.  We will keep you posted.

"Is there a way on the xbox to bring your party into a public free roam?”received via Twitter

Sure – here’s some steps on how-to.  After forming an Xbox LIVE party, invite friends into your match.  If in single player, press the ‘Start’ button on the controller to pause the game.  Choose ‘Multiplayer’ from the list and then either ‘Xbox LIVE Private’ or ‘Xbox LIVE Public’.  Once in Free Roam, pause the game, select ‘Multiplayer’ and choose ‘Invite Xbox LIVE Party’.

"When is the next multiplayer event??” - itouchroland

We’re playing Red Dead Redemption online literally every day for the entire month following last week’s release of the game.  Every Monday for the next couple of weeks, we’ll be announcing the lineup right here at the Newswire of what and when we’re playing.  If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, you should also make sure you’re following us to get a shout exactly when we’re heading online.  If you’re asking about our next official Social Club Multiplayer Event (with live stream and chat), the next one is a PS3 session happening next week on Thursday, June 3rd from 4-7 PM Eastern.  There will be an Xbox LIVE session later in June.  You can check out the full calendar of those live streaming events here.

"Whats the point of the $$ in free roam that u collect at gang hideouts? #reddeadredemption” received via Twitter

Money collected at gang hideouts in Free Roam (Twin Rocks, etc) is applied to your experience points after all enemies at a gang hideout are killed.  So that cash becomes essentially bonus points for your XP.

"What style is John Marston's hat? People always buy such simple mementos for games they like, like a ballcap or an action figure or a shirt. But I need a decent hat, and I figure, I'd like to have Marston's.”
received via Mouthoff

Glad to help.  We’ve checked with our designers and the best reference for the style of hat Marston wears is a Light Center Crease, Modified-Cattleman.  You should be able to track that sucker down at any number of Western outfitter online store sites by doing a bit of light googling.

"I had read that if you kill a R* Dev,employee etc that you would be entered for a chance..or would be able to get a character in your likeness in upcoming DLC? Does that mean we will somehow be able to have our faces from real life in a character in multiplayer?”received via Mouthoff
"Do u have to kill someone who has killed a 'rockstar' person by the end of the month???” G1ng3rSc0tsm4n

Yup – this is the Red Dead Rockstar challenge continues on through this coming Tuesday June 1st.  Make sure you’re jumping in to our daily play sessions between now and then for your best chance at bucking one of us down.  Or try and find someone online who’s already got the Achievement, as it is indeed viral – so killing them will help you attain it as well.  For full official rules on the challenge and chance to have your likeness appear as a character in upcoming DLC (specifics to be announced) check out

"I live in Sweden and i just noticed that this version of RDR uses Feet and Miles for measurements. There is a whole world outside of the USA that uses Meter and KiloMeters out there, you know!” - RobbyS

Of course!  Don’t think that anyone in 1911 America knew what a kilometre was though.  You really don’t need to have a strong sense of the American or the metric system of measurement in order to play through any of the gameplay.
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