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Rockstar Game Tips: The Biographies and Lies Mission (Undead Nightmare)

One of the most asked about missions in Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare following the release of both the DLC and disc version is "Biographies and Lies".

In "Biographies and Lies", John Marston meets up with an old friend in Casa Madrugada. The friend mentions it would be best if "we could only get something that would attract these blighters", referring to the zombies. He also requests John to find him more Dynamite since he's "running pretty low".

Your task is to get two sticks of Dynamite and two bottles of Undead Bait. Here's how to find them:

Dynamite: To obtain two sticks of Dynamite, one way is to head to a town and save it from the zombie hordes. Try Gaptooth Breach and Agave Viejo. When you've successfully rid each area of zombies, you'll receive a stick of Dynamite. You can also rarely get Dynamite from killing zombies.

Undead Bait: Collect one 1 Wild Feverfew and 1 Prairie Poppy to create one Undead Bait. Wild Feverfew can be found in the area surrounding Armadillo, Thieves' Landing and other areas across Cholla Springs and Hennigan's Stead. Prairie Poppy are located in Great Plains.

Return to the old friend in Casa Madrugada to complete the mission, and to be able to now build Boom Bait.

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