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Rockstar Game Tips: Saddling Up in Grand Prix Horse Racing (Liars and Cheats / Undead Nightmare Disc)

Racing horses through winding gulches and treacherously shooting friends and enemies in the back online with Grand Prix has been a fan-favourite part of the Red Dead Redemption multiplayer experience since the original release of the Liars and Cheats Pack DLC and again as included as part of the Undead Nightmare disc release which is available now.

Rockstar Games provided some tips on how you can out-run, out-shoot and out-race your opponents in this multiplayer mode.
A few seconds after each race begins, a shotgun and a handgun become available for use with limited ammo, as well as a knife.  There are 3 circuits and 12 total races:

Carrera del Diablo
  • Carrera del Diablo
  • Ridge Racin'
  • L. Johnson's Run
  • Caronas Paradise

N. Johns Invitational
  • Tall Trees Trail (One of the most perilous courses in the game, this race will have you riding along the water's edge a lot of the time, so best to stay to the right side.)
  • Rio Run
  • Sidewinder Breeze
  • Boulder Dash
  • Manzanita Mile

Rathskeller Series
  • Rathskeller Run
  • Saint's Sprint
  • Boulder Dash

Follow these tips to keep your skills sharpened during the heat of all 12 races:
  • Your knife is perhaps the most useful weapon in Horse Racing.  It never runs out of ammunition and no more than two slices take a player or his horse down.
  • Shotgun shells are powerful, but you only get six per race. Conserve until you are on a straight away and are near your opponents.
  • Use your hand gun to fire on opponents when you're lagging behind during the second half of each race.
  •  Don't let your own gunfire slow you down.  Keep your horse galloping at max speed, or you could be costing yourself a few places in the final standings.
  • Watch out for trees and rocks as they sometimes will be right in your way on the course.

Three Achievements/Trophies can be earned while in Grand Prix Horse Racing:
  • From Glue to Mon Dieu! - To get this one, you need to place last and then get first in the next race.  For example, if you get last place on the Tall Trees Trail, you'd need to get first place on Rio Run.  Expert players may need to throw a race to pull this one off!
  • Peacewalker - Do you have what it takes to not get shot during an entire race, and to not fire your weapons either?  If you're successful, you'll get this Achievement/Trophy.
  • Triple Crown - Get first place in one of the three circuits.  The Rathskeller Series is the shortest at three races long, so it's probably your best bet.

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