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Rockstar Game Tips: Conquer the Tomahawk Ambient Challenges in Single-Player

The next installment in the Rockstar Games Tips series, here's a brief look at the 5 Challenges you'll need to complete, along with our helpful advice on how to accomplish each one. This requires the Legends & Killers expansion.

Tomahawk Challenge 1

  • Purchase a Tomahawk from the store at Manzanita Post.
    • Tip: In order to purchase the Tomahawk, you'll need to visit the store at Manzanita Post, which is in the Tall Trees section of the northern territory, West Elizabeth.  

Tomahawk Challenge 2

  • Kill one enemy with the Tomahawk used as a throwing weapon, one as a melee weapon, and one from horseback. 
    • Tip: The easiest time to do this is when you come across a roadside stagecoach ambush or enemies robbing someone.  If you need another easy option you could always try one of the Bounties from Armadillo (easier as there are not as many enemies at the location and they tend to be a little softer than the later Bounties).  To use your Tomahawk as a melee weapon, you need to be extremely close to your enemy.  You can execute a chop, if you are close enough, just by pulling the trigger. 

Tomahawk Challenge 3

  • Kill a flying bird with a Tomahawk without using Dead-Eye. 
    • Tip: Try to get as close as possible to a bird that is on the ground and then hit it as it jumps up and flies away.  The closer you are to the bird before it is in flight the better.  Tomahawks are deadly but they can be tough to throw with precise accuracy over long distances. 

Tomahawk Challenge 4

  • Kill 5 enemies in a row without missing with the Tomahawk. 
    • Tip: You cannot use Dead-Eye for this Challenge, so being close to your enemies is a top priority.  Round up a group of gang members and try to get as close as possible before letting your first Tomahawk fly.  This Challenge is easier to complete when done in conjunction with Challenge 5. 

Tomahawk Challenge 5

  • Complete a Gang Hideout using only Tomahawks.  
    • Tip: The easiest Gang Hideout to get this done at is Pike's Basin.  The enemies in the Basin are pretty much stationary and you will only get rushed by 2 to 3 enemies at a time.  This is the perfect place to set up an ambush and then collect your reward. 
Once you've completed these 5 Challenges, you will earn unlimited refills for the Tomahawk, enabling you to bury the hatchet into your foes with abandon.
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