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Red Dead Redemption Deadly Assassin's Outfit problem is getting a fix!

Rockstar Games have noticed that players have been experiencing problems with the Deadly Assassin's outfit in Red Dead Redemption -- But don't panic, Rockstar Games are aware of the problem and are working on a fix for this:


We’re currently looking into an issue that is preventing some players from receiving the Deadly Assassin’s Outfit after correctly inputting the code. If you have received a message in-game that the outfit has been successfully unlocked after inputting the code, it should eventually be added to your Outfits menu where you can view the tasks you must complete before you wear it. It make take a short while to appear though as the servers being used for handling this update are receiving heavy traffic.

If you have completed the entirety of the "American Appetites” quest before you gain access to this outfit, don’t worry – you will still receive credit for having completed it and that task will be checked off.

If you’re having trouble finding Mo Van Barr once you’ve successfully downloaded the Deadly Assassin’s Outfit, a Wanted Poster for him should appear on the side of the train station in Armadillo. It may take a few visits for it to appear though.

We’re working hard to get this sorted out for you guys and totally understand how annoying this could be.

Check back soon!
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