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Red Dead Cooperative Mission Strategies (Part 1)

Rockstar Games have started a new series of tips and strategies for Red Dead Redemption - this time, the basis is the free and first downloadable content for Red Dead Redemption. Here are some tips that will get you get through the missions and help to keep you alive so that you're able to finish each one as masterfully and dominantly as possible.

  • Keep everyone together and appoint a leader.  If you want to stay alive and complete the missions with a Gold goal in mind, it can't be every man for himself.  Always keep in mind the key word, "cooperative".
  • Watch for fallen posse members and revive them if needed.  The game will let you know in large letters in the center of the screen when a member of your posse has fallen.  Run over to the person and revive them by pressing Triangle on PlayStation 3 or Y on Xbox 360.
  • Use cover to regenerate health if your screen turns red.  Look for rocks, hills, stagecoaches... whatever you can find to hide behind.
  • Be careful when approaching a fallen friend as you may need to take out nearby enemies to avoid the same fate.  Your teammate died for a reason, and it might just be at the hands of that enemy that's manning the Gatling gun around the corner.
  • If you take the reins of a stagecoach, hold 'A' on the Xbox 360 or 'X' on the PlayStation 3 while aiming.  This will keep the stagecoach automatically steering and moving down the correct path, allowing you to concentrate on shooting.  This works in both single player and multiplayer.

  • Choose the right class for the particular mission you're about to enter.  For example, while Miner is great for Walton's Gold, it's likely not the best class for The River or The Herd.
  • The class 'No Holds Barred' is only available in Advanced Cooperative Missions.  In order to unlock Advanced Cooperative Missions, you must first play through and beat each of the six normal Cooperative Missions.

More on specific missions will be made available very soon!

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