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Latest L.A. Noire Reviews and Feature Stories from The New York Times, Time's Techland, Maxim and More...

With L.A. Noire's worldwide release upon us, check out some of the latest reviews to come in as well as some interesting articles about the making's of the game's 1940s Los Angeles:

"Rockstar has turned out its most pointed, and poignant, statement with L.A. Noire. The game tells a deeply moving and relevant story that speaks to the player because it feels so possible...  The Rockstar hallmark — gritty, believable, wry dialogue — is on full display." - The New York Times

"Here's what's most amazing about L.A. Noire: Rockstar Games and Team Bondi could have easily cranked out a GTA-style game set in this era and had a pretty strong title. However, they stepped outside that box and delivered a truly unique detective drama with detailed crime scenes and intense interrogations. That's enough evidence to label L.A. Noire as a potential game of the year." - USA Today: 4/4 Stars

"With computer games now out-selling DVDs it was only a matter of time before we had a game that could compete with Hollywood's storytelling - and L.A. Noire might just be it.... Without doubt one of the finest games you’ll play all year – and a benchmark for those to come." - Stuff: 5/5

"Rockstar and Team Bondi have created a game that nothing else even comes close to. We can't even draw comparison to anything else, because we can't think of anything remotely like it... Book your holiday now, and if you can't, get ready to call in sick. Make sure you break up with the missus/mister as well, 'cos you ain't going nowhere." - Maxim: 5/5

"with L.A. Noire, the partnership of innovative technology and assured craftsmanship demands your attention in ways other games don't. If you look away from Rockstar's latest, you could fail to notice something important–a clue to another evolutionary offshoot of what modern video games can be. You don't want to miss that; you'll need the evidence for later." - Techland: 9.1/10


Also, the guys at dug deep into the story surrounding the vintage aerial photography that was sourced to help create L.A. Noire's faithfully recreated mid-20th century Los Angeles:

"Rockstar's newest and perhaps most ambitious title, the marvel of technology and storytelling that is L.A. Noire, uses incredible face-mapping techniques to craft a startlingly subtle and realistic murder mystery game. But Rockstar's attention to detail didn't stop there: The team had decided to create an authentic depiction of the City of Angels in the 1940s, and needed as much data as they could find. Rockstar's ace in the hole? They relied on the services of a daredevil photographer named Robert Spence, known for documenting Los Angeles while hanging out of a plane's cockpit with his 46-pound camera."

The article includes insight from Simon Wood, one of the key members of the Team Bondi development team, responsible for the game's production design.

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