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L.A. Noire Release Date Revealed?

PlayStation Magazine dedicated the cover of their February issue to L.A. Noire, and in a revealing ten page feature, talk to the team behind the game about the challenges of acting with the MotionScan technology.

"What’s perhaps most interesting is how much a part of the experience the acting actually becomes. The moment-to-moment gameplay of L.A. Noire is a combination of walking around inspecting areas and casing joints, examining items, and driving – all punctuated by violence in the form of fistfights, shootouts and car chases… It is, quite simply, compelling cinema woven into a game narrative.”

This latest PlayStation Magazine issue is now available on the new-stands. But that’s not all PlayStation Magazine revealed they also revealed the release date--close to the release date time that we have predicted!

Source: RockstarHQ

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