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L.A. Noire Pointers & Rare Vehicles - Rockstar Game Tips

Rockstar Games have recently assembled a few helpful tips to get you playing like an ace detective.

  • Keep an eye out for newspapers when on case as they give insight into why various characters are doing what they are doing and how stories are connected. There are 13 total newspapers in the game, and they do count toward 100% completion.
  • When driving, press 'Square' on PS3 or 'X' on Xbox 360 to get turn-by-turn directions from your partner. The same button can be used when you're walking around on a case and not sure what to do next.
  • The difference between choosing Doubt and Lie is that you need evidence to prove someone is Lying. You can choose Doubt if you think they're holding something back, but you don't have proof.
  • Intuition points can be used during questioning to 'Remove An Answer' and 'Ask The Community', but they can also come in handy when you are finding clues. In the notebook, choose Intuition and then 'Find All Clues'.
  • More powerful weapons can be acquired via the trunk of a police vehicle when in a shootout, in case you find yourself needing stronger firepower.

  • Use the in-game log to read everything that's been said by all characters while on a case. This can help during questioning, and in ways is more useful than the notebook. Press 'Start' and then choose 'Log'.
  • During the Patrol missions Cole will be armed with the Colt .38 hand gun. The only time that Cole flexes this is during the bank shootout in ‘Armed and Dangerous’. You can equip this by dropping the shotgun that you start with initially. This will help you towards getting the ‘Roscoe and Friends’ achievement/trophy.
  • Finding it hard to earn five star ratings on cases? Turn off both the 'Clue Hints' and 'Action Skip' options in the Gameplay settings, to instantly boost your ratings by 2 stars.
  • When chasing a suspect in a vehicle, be sure to drive along the left side of the vehicle to allow your partner to shoot out the tires and end the chase early.
  • A location will be crossed out in the notebook if all clues have been found there and if all witnesses and suspects have been questioned. If you have a location not crossed out, there is still something to be discovered.
  • After completing a desk, you can access Free Roam from one of the folders in the Cases menu, accessed from the main menu.

If you're going for 100% in L.A. Noire, there are 95 vehicles you'll need to find, along with completing all of the cases, street crimes and more. Below is a sampling of the rare vehicles in the game, as well as one of just a few locations where you can find them.

  • International KB5 - Flatbed
    When playing through "Manifest Destiny", find one of these in the alley behind the building you circle around to sneak up on the rooftop sniper.
  • Buick Ambulance
    Look behind the Good Samaritan Hospital (a landmark) for one of these on Wilshire between Lucas and Witmer. 
  • Nash Deluxe 600 Army
    Parked inside the gates on the west side of Van Ness just south of Lemongrove.
  • International Police Wagon
    Climb into one of these at the railroad crime scene during 'The Studio Secretary Murder'.
  • Studebaker Commander Police
    Find one parked at the railroad crime scene during 'The Driver's Seat'. Get in the car before questioning and finding clues as it won't be there by the time you're done.
  • Packard Custom
    Play through 'The Gas Man' until you reach the part when you need to go to the InstaHeat Factory. One will be sitting in the parking lot.

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