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John Marston Tattoo

A Red Dead Redemption/Rockstar Games fan recently showed off his Red Dead Redemption tattoo at the This is truely awesome and it is awesome that other people are willing to go to these extremes, so we don't have to! ;)

 "Here is the story on how I came to the tattoo.

I heard about the game late 2008, i was interested... but mostly put it on the back shelf.  When they released the first trailer.. that's when it caught my real attention. Then it became a snowball effect.. all the videos they have released, gain my attention and love for the game.. all I could do is talk to my friends about it. The more I talked, the more excited I got.  Last week I was talking with some friends about my next tattoo on XBL, I said " I am considering getting the cover of RDR tattooed on me".

Everyone thought I was joking around, in my mind.. I was dead set.  This past Saturday, I called my tattoo artist (Josh Hazle of State of Mind Tattoos on Madeira Beach) to see when we could do this.  By chance he was at a tattoo convention and I rushed up there and 6 hours & $400 later... I got this amazing art work tattooed on my leg.  Well worth it.

There you go :). I really hope you guys like it, please let me know what everyone thinks of it."

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