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Hunting Wildlife in Red Dead Redemption (Part 3)

In part 3 of the Rockstar Games Tips series for hunting wildlife in Red Dead Redemption - Rockstar presented us with a list of locations where some of the animals can be found in the world of Red Dead Redemption.

The locations of each of the below animals can be found in the below locations:
  • Armadillos - These can easily be spotted around any desert-like areas.  Check for them in the areas surrounding Armadillo and Ridgewood Farm. 
  • Bats - Look above the basement entrance outside of Tumbleweed mansion or at the back of the blacksmith building in Thieves Landing right around 6:00PM to see a colony of bats fly out.  They cannot be killed.
  • Bears - Tall Trees is where you can find these beasts, especially in the snowy regions.
  • Beavers - Look for these west of the Pacific Union Railroad Camp and north of Beecher's Hope, both locations along the water.
  • Bighorn - The hills surrounding Tanner's Reach in Tall Trees is the first place you should search for these animals.
  • Boars - The northeast area of Red Dead Redemption's map is where you need to be to find boars.  Check southwest of Manzanita Post, southwest of Thieves Landing and areas south of Blackwater.
  • Bobcats - Search south of Escalera, west of Agave Viejo, between El Presidio and Torquemada and also around Bearclaw Camp.
  • Buffalo - Find the last American Buffalo on the plains west of Blackwater.
  • Chickens - Look in almost any populated settlement and you'll find some of 'em roaming about.
  • Cougars - Three places to start looking for these vicious guys are outside of Blackwater, all around Silent Stead and in northern snowy region of Tall Trees.  Be sure to listen for the sound...  As we've said before on Twitter, the most likely occurance is - you don't find cougars, cougars find you.
  • Coyotes - Look around Hanging Rock north of Armadillo or on the hills surrounding MacFarlane's Ranch.
  • Crows - Thieves Landing and Manzanita Post are two places to find plenty of these dark avian creatures.
  • Deer - While deer are commonly found in many areas in the game, a few places to concentrate on are the snowy region of Tall Trees, west of Armadillo and south of Thieves Landing.
  • Ducks - Around the edge of Lake Don Julio, located in southeast Cholla Springs, is where you should look for ducks.
  • Eagles - Find eagles soaring in northern Tall Trees, most easily spotted atop snowy Nekoti Rock.
  • Elk - Stand still in the snowy region of Tall Trees and look for movement in the distance.
  • Foxes - Look in Tall Trees for foxes to be running near other dead animals.  Also check at the Wreck of the Serendipity, a sunken boat found in the water northeast of Thieves Landing.
  • Goats - Critchley's Ranch and inside the towns in Mexico are common areas for these.
  • Hawks - Roam the plains around Warthington Ranch, just outside of MacFarlane's Ranch, to find them flying around the skies.
  • Owls - Hunt them around Nekoti Rock in Tall Trees, in Beecher's Hope and around Chuparosa.
  • Pigs - One place to easily find pigs is to step outside the second floor room where you save your game in Thieves Landing.  They are down the stairs in the pen.
  • Rabbits - Look for them in the area surrounding MacFarlane's Ranch.  Search also around dry areas such as the land around Armadillo.
  • Raccoons - Walk around the immediate outskirts of Armadillo late at night to find some of these critters.
  • Rattlesnakes - The western end of Hennigan's Stead near the cliff edges is where you should ride around on your horse, listening for the rattling sound.
  • Seagulls - Check the docks in Blackwater behind the hotel.
  • Sheep - These are located in a fenced-in area in Armadillo.
  • Skunks - If you look around Armadillo behind some of the shops late at night, you should be able to spot a few of these.
  • Songbirds - Open areas such as Rio Bravo are where the search should begin for these elusive birds.  Firing off a shot may scare some of them out of a bush and cause them to fly into the sky.
  • Vultures - Vultures appear after a large fight, such as after clearing all the outlaws out of Twin Rocks.
  • Wolves - Check south of Blackwater, north of MacFarlane's Ranch and also in Rio Del Lobo to find a good amount of wolves.

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