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Gaptooth Breach -- New Red Dead Redemption Social Club Challenge

Rockstar Games recently posted details in regards to a new Social Club challenge for Red Dead Redemption; Gaptooth Breach.

In our first challenge at Pike's Basin, we asked players' to show us just how good their riding and shooting skills were. In Gaptooth Breach we are throwing down the gauntlet again with this brand new set of objectives:

  1. Collect $200 in loot from the gang
  2. Find 2 Desert Sage plants
  3. Get 5 head-shots in a row

Gaptooth Ridge is an inhospitable area even for the toughest of outlaws.  This once prosperous mine is now abandoned and has become a haven for a gang of treasure hunters who have been using it as their own personal safety deposit box.

(Collecting 200 dollars worth of loot from the bloodthirsty treasure hunters is not going to be easy.)

(Getting 5 head shots in a row, while tough, is definitely worth the effort.)

(Searching out the Wild Sage plant on your trusty steed.)

Earn at least a silver medal in the challenge and you will unlock a weapons pack cheat giving you access to a new arsenal that includes the Double-Action Revolver, High Power Pistol, Dynamite, Henry Repeater, Rolling Block Rifle, and the Pump-Action Shotgun (please note that when this cheat is enabled it will disable saving and the earning of Achievements/Trophies).

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