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Edge Magazine's Max Payne 3 Cover Story

Rockstar Games recently dropped a few teaser screenshots to let you know more Max info was on the way. This week, the latest issue of Edge magazine has made its way to subscribers and will hit news-stands across the UK with a long-awaited look at Max Payne 3, featuring all-new screens, artwork and lots of new information. Readers of the issue will be treated to a detailed look unveiling the design approach to Max Payne 3, as well as giving some insights into what makes Sao Paulo the perfect location to continue Max's harrowing story--and impressions of the game's intense, evolved action.

"Contrasting with all of this carefully choreographed scene creation is the fluidity and realism of the physical interactions. Fights are fraught, fast and brutal, as you'd expect. But now bullet-time - charged by killing enemies, as ever - has a layer of beauty to match its gameplay impact. As with RDR, the level of graphical detail on offer delivers astonishing action moments - glass smashes, blood spurts, furniture collapses - but here it's fragmented and slowed to show off the fine physical elements... this looks to be what Rockstar has always promised - Max Payne re-interpreted and re-energised for the contemporary shooter fanatic."

Look for the issue on UK shelves this week!
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