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Competitive Modes Details - RDR Website

Rockstar Games have recently updated the official Red Dead Redemption website with more details in regards to the multiplayer the game is expected to feature. This time, it is in regards to the competitive multiplayer modes.

Here is the full low-down taken straight from their website:

From the Red Dead Redemption website:

Red Dead Redemption's competitive multiplayer serves up classic multiplayer match modes with a distinctly Western twist: every match starts with players eye-to-eye in a classic showdown. Experience team-based Gang matches, Free-For-All Shootouts and classic Capture The Bag modes in specially designed locations within Red Dead Redemption's vast and beautifully detailed open world.
Similar to the ambient challenges in Free Roam mode, the Competitive Multiplayer modes also offer challenges that will unlock experience points and other perks. Weapon-based challenges for getting a certain number of kills or headshots with a specific gun will earn you the golden version of that weapon and additional challenges will reward you with XP and a custom title for your gunslinger.
Deathmatch, Western style. It's you versus everyone else - try not to die. Keep an eye out for better weapons scattered across the area and use Dead Eye pickups to refill your Dead Eye meter, helping you take down enemies quickly.

Gold Rush

Your priority is to grab as many bags of gold as you can find, and take them to the nearest chests - killing comes second. You can grab up to two bags of gold at once, but all that weight will slow you down.

Gang Shootout
Team Deathmatch on the frontier. Work with your team to pin down enemies and rack up kill streaks.

Hold Your Own
Infiltration and theft. Each team has a base and a bag. Steal the other team's bag and bring it to your base. In larger areas, strategic use of horses and ballistic weapons placements will keep opponents on their toes.

Grab the Bag

One bag, one chest, two teams. Stake your ground, and defend the chest until a bag appears. Once it arrives, grab it and take it to your base to score.

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