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Bruisers, Bolters, Retchers... The Zombie Breeds of Undead Nightmare

Better keep keen situational awareness -  the dead are awake - and hungry...

In tomorrow's Undead Nightmare for Red Dead Redemption, the mysterious plague that reawakens the dead gives birth to four unique types of zombie.  Each of these zombie classes has their own characteristics.  

To prepare to face off against hordes of these guys tomorrow, check out this pictorial along with some info covering the four different breeds you'll encounter.  Look for Undead Nightmare on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network to be available by tomorrow morning and we'll have the word right here when it's confirmed available across all territories on both platforms.

The traditional class of zombie is generally a bit slower - but still with enough pep to get you, and a tendency to grapple and bite when it comes in contact with the living.

A leaner and more nimble type of zombie, the 'Bolter' class is quick and harder to line up in your sights, but more susceptible to damage.

Watch out for the big boys.  The most strapping member of the zombie family, the 'Bruiser' class has a heavy-set frame and moves slower than all other types of zombies, but can overpower you with pure, brute force and a deadly melee attack when in close.

Retching, writhing and spitting - 'Retchers' are particularly repulsive creatures that give off a radioactive glow and can inflict damage and impair movement with their signature projectile spew.

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