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Asked & Answered: Red Dead Downloadable Content, Soundtrack, Classic GTAs on Mac, The Banhammer, and Much More

Rockstar Games are once again answering their fans concerns via their Rockstar Newswire, and from Mouthoff, Twitter and Facebook.

"It's sad that all this content could not be free. I already paid for the game (and many did too) and I have to pay 30 more bucks to have all DLCs ? That's how the game industry work in these days. It's just sad that Rockstar (best video game studio ever, by the way) had to take the same path...” - DonPascualino
"The zombies pack sounds like it actually adds a lot, yet it's the same price as the Legends and Killers, which should have been 5 bucks. It really didn't add a whole lot for the asking price. I was afraid that all the add-ons would be 10 dollars each, almost totaling the original game price, and it looks like that's exactly what's happening, just because.” - KwietStorm

We completely understand that everyone likes getting something for free – as do we!  And we’re trying to do our part to give you as many freebie bonus goodies as we possibly can such as the Outlaws to the End Co-Op Missions Pack and the forthcoming Hunting and Trading Outfits Pack and Marshals Outfits unlock.  But we hope that you can appreciate that our paid DLC Packs such as Legends and Killers and Liars and Cheats contain a ton of brand-new features that have been carefully designed and developed from scratch. We began to plan the DLC before the original game was released, but a long time after it was content complete. In the case of Legends and Killers for example, months of game design and development work were required to tailor all nine maps to be great Competitive Multiplayer arenas for people to play in – not to mention meticulous design, code and testing for features like the Tomahawk weapon and its related Challenges, and all of the rest of the content in the pack.  We always aim to give you top value with our games and our DLC releases and we hope to be keeping you very happily entertained with future Red Dead Packs.  Paid DLC is a contentious issue, but we believe our approach – of giving good content at a fair price - helps fans prolong a gaming experience and is not a case of gouging the most important people – our fans – for a few extra bucks.

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