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Asked & Answered: Liars and Cheats Edition

With the release of the Liars and Cheats pack for Red Dead Redemption - Rockstar Games took the opportunity to answer some players concerns in regards to the new content.

"It has been 24 hours REAL TIME and my gambling funds have yet to replenish. I still only have $15. This is a great pack, but what gives with that? I really enjoy all the new features but I am very confused on how this works.”argh001

Every 24 hours, if you’re out of money when you try to join Poker/Liar’s Dice, you’ll get an advance of $200.  If you have more money than that, you don’t get an advance.  The amount of money you have is saved, and will carry over from day to day. And if you don't think your money has replenished properly, enter a game via the playlist and check there, just looking at the playlist will not add money.

"How do you unlock the characters? Do you have to get to a certain level?”Clint147
"Rockstar can you please tell us how to unlock the locked characters please I really want to be Abraham Reyes” - LuisFernandoLope

To clarify this one – upon release of the Liars and Cheats Pack last week, players originally were required to have beaten certain single-player missions/achievements in order to unlock some of the new multiplayer characters.  Since then, and by popular demand, we went ahead and unlocked them for everyone who downloads the Pack.  You will not be prompted to download anything for the automatic update, but you may need to restart your console to see the changes in the outfitter.

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